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Roiy Nitzan ( רועי ניצן ) is a video artist, a visual effects artist and the co-creator and show-runner of the Israeli prime-time comedy series 'Little Monsters'. 

Roiy graduated The Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL in 2005.

Since then he has been working as a director, a video artist and as a visual effects artist in Tel-Aviv.

His video works, installations and short films have been shown in museums, biennials and festivals around the world including Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris and The Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

In 2016 Roiy has co-created the hit series ‘Little Monsters‘ for Reshet Broadcast Channel 2.

Roiy Nitzan was the visual effects supervisor of Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner ‘Waltz With Bashir’, among other films.

Roiy has also collaborated with local musicians such as Avishai Cohen, Totemo, Church Of Reason and others for whom he has made video clips and live video projections.

Roiy Nitzan’s presentation at PechaKucha 2009.



ROIY NITZAN (b. 1977, IL)




2005   BFA, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands




2017   This Does Not Die, Tel Aviv Museum Of Art


2010   State Of Matter, Contemporary by Golconda Gallery, TLV


2009   Lullaby, Nuit Blanche, Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris

2009   Round One, Nuit Blanche, Natalie Seroussi Gallery, Paris




2019   In Statu Quo, Tel Aviv Museum Of Art


2018   In Statu Quo, Israeli Pavilion, Biennale of Achitecture, Venice

           Uncanny, Design Museum Holon


2017   TLV in LDN, Roundhouse, London

           Collective, Tel Aviv Museum Of Art


2014   See Under: Actor, Petach Tikva Museum Of Art


2014   RE-Establishing Shot, Night Galery, LA


2013   Soundart Passage, Alenby 94, TLV


2010   Cnaan, Braverman Gallery, TLV

           Zman Mekomi 9, Center for Contemporary Art,


2009   Pecha Kucha7, Hngar 11, TLV

           Pchechong, Art TLV, Tel Aviv

2005   Overschilderen, Video projection, STUK, Brussels

           Rietveld In De Kerk, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam


2004   Kunstvlaai 5, Caltuurpark, Amsterdam


2003   Peepshow, Arti Gallery, Amsterdam


2002   The One Minute Biennial, Central Museum, Utrecht




2008   Round One, Lille 9th International Short Film Festival

2007   Round One, Lille 8th International Short Film Festival


2005   Sampled Dreams, 25th NL Film Festival, Utrecht

           Round One, Up And Coming, International Short Film Festival, Hannover

           Round One, 21st International Short Film Festival, Berlin




2013   The New Fund For Cinema And TV Grant




2017   Donkeys In The Holy Land, Visual Effects Supervisor, Golden Cinema Productions


2015   The Awakener, Visual Effects & Animation, Channel 1


2010   The Congress, Visual Effects Supervisor, Bridgit Folman Film Gang


2010   Precious Life, Colorist, Bliberg Entertainment


2008   Waltz With Bashir, Visual Effects Supervisor, Bridgit Folman Film Gang


2007   Meduzot, Visual Effects Artist, Lama Productions




2016   Little Monsters, Co-Creator, Reshet Broadcast, Channel 2


2016   Monsters Go Home, Co-Creator & Director, Reshet Broadcast, Channel 2




2015 - 2018   Lecturer at Sapir Academic Collage, Sderot, IL

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